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a new musical
(selected songs below)
8. Men Are...(excerpt)
3. A Letter
4. A Canopy Of Stars
7. Requiem(excerpt)
5. Evil Is Near
9. Oh! What An Opportunity
10. Are You Honest?(excerpt)
1. How Can I Not Love Her?


Ophelia, a young maiden, is in love with Hamlet, the Prince of  
Denmark and is distressed that he is leaving to attend the
Hamlet  pledges his love to reassure her of his commitment.
"I Crown Thee With Sunlight"

Polonius, her father, seeing the relationship developing between
them,  forbids her to see Hamlet again.  They argue and Polonius  
strikes her.
"Men are..."

Hamlet dines with his parents at court, but leaves early to meet
Ophelia in secret.
"Skoal! Let Us Drink To It All"

Laertes, her brother, defends Ophelia, but leaves soon after for Paris
because he fears that he has unnatural feelings for her.
"To Paris To Forget"

Ophelia receives a letter from Hamlet asking her to meet him   
secretly that evening.
"A Letter"

They meet and consummate their relationship.  The following day,  
news of King Hamlet’s death forces the lovers to separate.
"A Canopy Of Stars"

Claudius, the dead king’s murderous brother, convinces Polonius  
to help him politically claim the crown.    

Claudius also convinces Gertrude, his brother’s widow, to marry  
"We've been here before"

The new king repels Norway and restores Denmark’s safety.

Polonius intercepts Hamlet’s letters to Ophelia.

While Hamlet mourns for his father, Ophelia  battles anxiety and  
nausea, waiting to hear from him.

After seeing the ghost of his murdered father, Hamlet becomes  
"Evil Is Near"

                       ACT II

Ophelia convinces her father that she is the cause of Hamlet’s  
distress.  Polonius arranges a test meeting between them to     
acquire proof.
"Oh! What An Opportunity "

Hamlet sees the set-up and rages against Ophelia.
"Are You Honest "

Laertes arrives in Paris and tries unsuccessfully to lose himself in a
Gypsy woman’s arms.

Polonius discovers that Ophelia has been “spoiled” and in a drunken
tirade tells her she is a whore like her mother, Kathleen.
Ophelia goes back to the castle to speak to Hamlet but he is acting   
crazy  and is absorbed in the play being performed.  When the   
performance offends the king and queen, Gertrude orders Hamlet to
come to her   chambers.  Ophelia decides to follow, to wait for  
another chance to speak to Hamlet.  She hears a scream and
through the open doorway sees the body of the dead Polonius, with
Hamlet standing over him.  She runs home and writes to her brother
to return.

Laertes, in Paris, is unable to forget Ophelia and has an erotic
dream in which she appears.  He awakens and wrestles with his   
forbidden feelings. He then receives a letter from Ophelia telling of
their father’s murder and leaves for Denmark
"How Can I Not Love Her "

While Ophelia is waiting for Laertes, Kathleen comes looking for
her son.  She tells Ophelia that she is not her mother, nor is  
Polonius her father.  For fear of losing him, Ophelia decides not to
tell Laertes.
"I must hold this secert"

She returns to the palace again in search of Hamlet,  but Gertrude  
tells her he has been sent away.  Ophelia implores the queen to help
her and confides to her that she is carrying Hamlet’s child.  The
jealous queen suggests to her a way that she may rid herself of this
misfortune. An angry Ophelia maintains that she will have this child
and that she will go to England and find Hamlet herself.  She leaves.

Gertrude learns of Ophelia’s questionable parentage and decides to  
use it to her advantage.  She sends for Ophelia again and tells her
that she fears Hamlet may be her brother and that she has no
choice  but to end her pregnancy.  Ophelia runs out horrified and
meets Laertes on the steps of the castle.  She cannot tell him what
she fears.  He vows to avenge his father’s death.

Laertes accuses Claudius of murder,  but Ophelia enters in a
severely agitated state  and interrupts the confrontation.  Laertes
takes her home.

When Laertes questions Ophelia she does not answer but holds on
to him desperately.  Laertes cannot bear this physical contact  and
goes to his room and locks her out.  She begs him to let her in.  He

Isolated and without hope, Ophelia goes out into the storm and
drowns herself in the sea.
"Perhaps The Sky Will Weep For Me "

The following morning, Laertes discovers the note left by his    
mother.  He is relieved to learn that Ophelia is not his sister, and  
that his love for her is not unnatural.  He runs upstairs to see her,
but she is gone.  He goes out in the storm to search for her.
He finds her and pulls her lifeless body from the water.

Hamlet returns to Denmark and discovers that Ophelia is dead.

Hamlet and Laertes mourn  for Ophelia at her grave.
Music  Jeffrey Weissman                           TO CONTACT                                                                                                                                       TO REVIEWS
Book & Lyrics  Antonia Tancredi                                                                                                                                                                              Letters  of  recommendation    
6. Skoal! Let Us Drink To It All
All music,lyrics, and book copyrighted (c) 1997

All music written, arranged and orchestrated by
Jeffrey Weissman
Jekyll & Hyde
2. We've Been Here Before
11. I Crown Thee With Sunlight
12. To Paris To Forget
14. Perhaps The Sky Will Weep For Me(excerpt)
13. I must hold this secert